Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog Post #5 Part B


My PLN is still a work in progress. I have found it useful to keep websites I often use for class or even things I may use in everyday life on this. I am slowly working on filling up the page with website after website. I like the thought of using a PLN in a classroom because the students will have access to everything they need on one page.

C4T # 4 Tina Barseghian

Mind Shift Blog:

Curiosity in Young Learners Is the Foundation of Academic Success
This post is about how preschoolers are starting to make meaning out of the world around them. It talks about how this helps them later learn complicated math and science. My first comment is "My name is Jennifer Parker and I attend the University of South Alabama. How do you know the students are interpreting everything the correct way for them to learn complicated math and science?"

Comment #2 : Hello,
My name is Jennifer Parker and I attend the University of South Alabama. I'm interested in becoming a Kindergarten teacher. I'm also expecting my first child. As a future teacher and mother, I found this very informing. Thank you for sharing.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

C4K November Summary

my student's name is Jasmine. Her recently blog post is about her weekend. She is a very active girl. My comment was "Hi Jasmine,
My name is Jennifer Parker and I attend the University of South Alabama. I think you had a very exciting weekend. Do enjoy your swimming lessons? My little sister loves shoes. Do you?"

My student's name is Elijah F. His recent blog post was about his morning and what his does at school. My comment to him was "Hey Elijah,

My name is Jennifer Parker and I attend the University of South Alabama. I think your blog is great. You have a very busy schedule during the week. I was wondering what your favorite subject is? I personally love math. Also, what is your favorite thing about school? I always loved recess so I could joke and play with my friends."

My student's name is Michael. His recent blog post is what he has accomplished for this quarter with his grades and goals. My comment was "Hey Michael,

 My name is Jennifer Parker and I attend the University of South Alabama. I like how you organized your blog post. I'm glad you have learned something new, I think that is one of the best things in school. I'm happy to hear you meet your goals for the first quarter. I also hope you accomplish your goals next quarter. Good Luck! "

Blog Post # 14

Teaching our children can be a profession
  • Giving far more school choices to families
  • Using Technology to improve teaching and learning    
  • Adopting a knowledge-based curriculum 
  • Starting education before a child is 5 years old
  • Professionalize teaching
  I do not really agree with this article. I have to admit that professionalizing teaching is a fantastic idea, I believe they are wanting to change all the wrong things. Yes, there are teachers that definitely should not teach. However, everyone who goes through college for a degree in teaching deserves a chance.  We have a need for more teachers than what this will allow. I have to agree with the seniority distraction because there are many awful teachers that will not be fired due to having been there longer than the newer and better teacher. Also, why should the students or teacher be tested will an exam to base off the teacher's abilities. There will always be a few students that do not do well.

  Yes, teaching should be professionalized! However, maybe we should think a little more on the guidelines and the requirements for a teacher to become a professional, like a doctor or lawyer.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post #13

How would you introduce technology to your Kindergarten Class

Prepare a lesson after the first week of school to show your new students how to use an iPad and computer. Plan the lessons based on your knowledge of how well your Kindergarteners will listen. You will not grade on their knowledge of what they have learned until the end of the school year. You will help them each week learn something new on the iPad or the computer. You would have something like a quiz to test if they are understanding what is happening, for example, each individual student may show you how to use it.

Videos to help with lessons:
iPads in Kindergarten 1
iPads in Kindergarten: 2
iPads in Kindergarten 3
iPads in Kindergarten 4
iPads in Kindergarten 5

My dream is to teach Kindergarten. In the 21st century technology has taken over. Almost every school now uses some type of technology in the classroom. When entering school for the first time Kindergarteners are nervous, excited, and scared. However, the majority want to learn. I want to introduce technology while they are young, so when they get older, they have experience with iPads and computers. They should know the basics and even how to run some apps involved. Lesson plans that involve teaching new things on iPads and/or computers.

Project # 12 Part B